Relationship & Family Counseling


Relationship Counseling

In a compassionate and understanding manner, I teach you how to communicate, compromise, argue and problem solve with your partner. There are certain rules of communication that everyone needs to know, for example, how to recognize when a situation involves a misunderstanding, a no win situation or how to communicate in an assertive manner.  More specifically, I teach a process that shows people how to improve themselves, their relationships and how to get your smile back.

Relationship Advice Includes but is not limited to:

  • Bringing Happiness and Cohesiveness Back to a Relationship
  • Recognizing Red Flags in Unhealthy Partnerships
  • Avoiding Abusive Relationships and the Signs of an Abuser
  • Communication Skills
  • Having a Balanced Life including:  financial, recreational, family, work,education & spiritual element
  • Recognizing Characteristics of a Future Partner

Family Counseling

As a family therapist, I and the client examine and explore the most efficient ways to promote healthy and supportive family dynamics.  As a certified stepfamily therapist, I provide you with a whole different set of rules on how to blend your family harmoniously, while showing you how to keep your kids as healthy as possible during the process.

Advice Includes:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Setting rules
  • Why Family Meetings Are Important
  • Providing your Children with Consequences that will Work
  • Keeping Children Active and Involved with School
  • Keeping Your Kids from Falling into Alcohol and Substance Abuse lifestylesDealing with Aging Parents
  • Handling Holidays
  • Time Management Skills
  • Creating Strong Family Foundations
  • Planning Chores for the Family
  • Life planning for Today and the Future
  • Calming Situations with Ex Partners