Stress and Worries

We all have stress and worries.  Do you ever have the same thoughts running through your mind, over and over and over again. Nothing new is added to the situation except for all the negatives. We can not concentrate, we loose sleep, either eat more or less, maybe your blood pressure rises, your immunity to disease and illness can be lowered, GI problems, headaches, decreased patience and tolerance and a host of other problems may present themselves. Most of us do this, why, because we live life and life happens, but why do some people manage their stress better than others? Why can some people go through their day and others seem to get stuck and not able to move forward? It all depends on the methods one uses to cope with life.

Imagine an Ancient Chinese piece of furniture with all those small draws in them. Open the draw and picture putting the issue into it and closing that draw. Now, only open it again if you have some new information to add or are relating the issue to someone than can help. This is only one of the tools I teach for coping with stress. Learn the many different tool to make your life more content and joyful so you can bring the smile back to your face and enjoy life once again.