A Relationship Is Like A Flower


A relationship is like a flower, without loving care it will wilt and die.
One of the nourishments is proper communication and this is a broad topic. Most of us learned this skill from our parents, caregivers, friends, and/or teachers. They may have taught us basics like no interrupting, shouting and of course grammar in school, but not what it takes to sustain our relationships.
One of the most important skills to learn, especially when discussing an issue of importance to you, is speaking in approximately three sentences at a time. Then the other person does the same and this goes on in this fashion until the discussion is finished.
Think about this; Have you ever listened to a person that just doesn’t stop talking, you forget what you wanted to respond to from the first sentence, you are not listening because your busy thinking of your response and you may even “glaze over” from boredom.
More than the approximate three sentences is no longer a discussion but a lecture and there are not many of us that like being lectured to when it comes to a relationship.
If this is followed I can assure you from personal experience:
Much more is understood. There is less chance for misunderstandings and the other person is more bound to listen. Try this first bit of advice and look forward to future tips on communication, skills and insights to keep your relationship strong and other topics that I hope will be of interest.
Your comments and success stories are welcomed.